100% extra virgin olive oil from the family farm in Cyprus.

Because it's a family operation, we can trace the journey of the olives from tree to bottle.

Nothing is added, nothing is taken away - put simply it's 100% olive juice.



We help to pick the olives ourselves, so we know exactly where they come from.

About us


I first fell in love with Cyprus when I lived there in the 1990’s. The sunshine, the warmth of the people and the delicious food all made for an intoxicating mix for me and I knew I would return some day.


When I fell for this beautiful lady from Cyprus in Cambridge years later she took me to meet the family back home, and I was welcomed into the heart of the family with barbeques and mezes in the Cyprus sunshine. It brought back happy memories.


Then I discovered the olive farmer is part of the family and we could buy the olive oil directly from him (that's Bambos - you can see pictures of Bambos in the slideshow above). Between us we decided the world needs to know about the smooth and creamy Cyprus olive oil.


Our friends in Cyprus the Stephani family are professional halloumi cheese makers and theirs happens to be the best you'll find on the island - but try for yourself. 


We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

Rob & Pam

What people are saying

"Fantastic olive oil, tastes amazing" - Tom Kerridge, TV chef.

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