Pack comprises 4-5 vacuum sealed pieces Cyprus Village halloumi cheese in various weights (total weight 1kg minimum).


Cyprus Village halloumi cheese is handmade the traditional way by our friends in Cyprus G&Z Stephani Ltd. The Stephani family have been making this stuff for generations - we think it's the best you can buy. 


Unlike cheap supermarket halloumi, ours contains 100% goats' milk for authentic flavour and texture. Once you try Cyprus Village halloumi there really is no going back to the supermarket stuff.


It is also made with a non-animal rennet so is 100% vegetarian friendly.


Cyprus Village Halloumi Cheese kilo pack

PriceFrom £20.00
  • Pack comprises 4-5 vacuum-sealed pieces of halloumi cheese in various weights, total weight 1kg minimum.

    Halloumi must be refrigerated or frozen on receipt.

    The halloumi is kept cool by our reusable ice packs and environmentally friendly liners which keep the halloumi chilled for up to 48hrs.

    Please note halloumi orders received after midday on Thursday may be shipped the following week. Please ensure you can take safe receipt of the package in warmer weather and refrigerate on arrival.

    Current batch expiry date: APRIL 2023.