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Not infused but 'fused'!

Our fantastic 'fused' olive oils are made with fresh ingredients which get pressed with the olives at the mill. This creates a fusion of real fresh flavour.


Basil olive oil is great for salads, drizzling over pasta or dipping.

Chilli olive oil is ideal for making spicy chilli wedges or giving your pasta a spicy kick.

Garlic olive oil is great for frying steak, chicken or fish and also roasting vegetables or potatoes.

100% natural - no artificial additives.

3 x 100ml Taster Pack: Basil, Chilli & Garlic 3 x 100ml

SKU: 0636225552941
  • Each pack contains:


    1 x 100ml Basil

    1 x 100ml Chilli

    1 x 100ml Garlic


    (RRP bought separately £11.97)

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