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Old man smiling in olive groves

Award winning, traditional, unfiltered. Straight from the family farm in Cyprus.

Smooth, rich and creamy, OliveOlive is your new favourite.

At OliveOlive we're passionate about authentic flavours and our connection to Cyprus allows us to bring you our family's own extra virgin olive oil, that we know you’ll love. We are a family-run business, based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire (UK) with a farm in Larnaca, Cyprus that has been producing olive oil for generations. The farm’s unique location combines the beautiful Mediterranean sunshine and the cool, salty sea breeze which enable our olives to grow succulent and in abundance. The olives, and those of other local families and smallholders are cold pressed and every bottle we produce is filled with love. We don’t add anything to our 100% extra virgin olive oil, and always use the most recent harvest of olives for a smooth, rich, and creamy taste. It's perfect for salads, dipping, light frying, roasting and baking - it's your new everyday olive oil.


We help to pick the olives ourselves, so we know exactly where they come from.

Straight from the farm, delivered to your door

Our olive oil is made from the olives grown on our family's farm and those of other local families and smallholders. They are cold pressed the same day to make a fantastic quality extra virgin olive oil you will be happy to use everyday. No excessive heat treatment or chemicals are used in our simple process.

We also offer our Fused olive oils in 5 different varieties: basil, chilli, garlic, lemon & oregano. They are 100% natural with no artificial anything. There are only 2 ingredients in each one - extra virgin olive oil and the actual ingredient, pressed in the same mill with the olives.

Olive illustration
Infographic depicting how our olive oil is made
Older couple inspecting olive trees in Cyprus sunshine

"Stin ygea mas"
("to our health")

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