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Traditional, handmade
Cyprus Village halloumi:

not your average squeaky cheese!

Cyprus Village award-winning halloumi cheese, handmade by the experts in Cyprus.

Our Cyprus Village halloumi cheese is handmade the traditional way by our friends in Cyprus, who have been making it for generations. We've tried just about every halloumi available and we think it's the best you can buy. Comprising just 4 ingredients: goats’ milk, salt, mint and a plant-based rennet (making Cyprus Village halloumi suitable for vegetarians). You may think it's expensive for halloumi but this is because it has 100% goats milk (unlike the supermarket version), which doesn't come cheap. It's not rubbery and tasteless like a flip-flop, but has a wonderful semi-hard texture and a delicious sweet and salty flavour which makes it very ‘more-ish’. It has won numerous Great Taste Awards over the years. But don't take our word for it - try for yourself and there'll be no going back to the supermarket version!

Cyprus Village: PROPER halloumi!

If you've ever been disappointed by the rubbery halloumi cheese on offer in the shops, we're here to supply you with the proper stuff. Cyprus Village halloumi is handmade by our friends in Cyprus the traditional way with 100% goat’s milk.

Our halloumi has an authentic texture and a unique, salty, sweet taste. Our customers come back time and time again for our halloumi cheese because this is how halloumi is supposed to be. But be warned - once you try Cyprus Village halloumi, there's no going back to the supermarket!

Olive illustration
Grilled Halloumi

"Stin ygea mas"
("to our health")

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