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A beautiful gift box containing all 5 of our 100ml bottles comprising Basil, Chilli, Garlic, Lemon & Oregano.


Great as a gift or taster pack to try all our Fused olive oils


Basil - great for salads, drizzling over pasta or try just dipping warm bread into it for a lovely mediterranean appetizer


Chilli - ideal for making spicy chilli wedges or giving your pasta a spicy kick. Or try dipping with warm crusty bread for an appetizer with attitude


Garlic - great for frying steak, chicken or fish and for roasting vegetables or potatoes. It's also great as a base for a salad dressing


Lemon - delicious on grilled or fried fish & chicken, as a dipper with balsamic or try drizzling over pasta for a zingy finish


Oregano - a great addition to pizza bases, pasta sauces and drizzled into tomato soup. Or try oregano potato wedges!

    5 x 100ml Taster Pack

    SKU: 5060758980325
    • Pack contains:

      • 1 x 100ml Basil Fused Olive Oil
      • 1 x 100ml Chilli Fused Olive Oil
      • 1 x 100ml Garlic Fused Olive Oil
      • 1 x 100ml Lemon Fused Olive Oil
      • 1 x 100ml Oregano Fused Olive Oil
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