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When an OliveOlive Tin Becomes a Slide Guitar!

Updated: Jan 12

We've had loads of great pics of what customers do with their old OliveOlive tins over the years, but this one takes some beating. Incredibly, our friend Andy Slatter turned an old OliveOlive 5lt tin into a blues slide guitar!

Andy is a super talented composer who seems to be able to make an instrument from stuff lying around, like our old tin. Check out the video below to see Andy and the tin in action. Incredibly, this was Andy's first go at it so in his words, "excuse a few bum notes!"

We think it's amazing, bum notes and all! Hopefully we'll post an updated version when Andy's had a bit more time to master it, but this first go is mightily impressive.

Be sure to listen to Andy's other works here. And a big shout out to our friend Pete Dixon for making this happen - thanks Pete, you're a star!

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