For those who really love our Basil, Chilli, Carlic, Lemon or Oregano Fused oil you can now buy a 4lt tub of your favourite for half the price of the 250ml bottles (per litre).  These 4 litre tubs are usually reserved for the restaurants we supply but so many customers have asked for larger quantities that we decided to order more in and offer them to everyone. It's the exact same Fused olive oil you'll find in our 250ml bottles.


Choose your favourite:


Basil - great for salads, drizzling over pasta or try just dipping warm bread into it for a lovely Mediterranean appetizer


Chilli - ideal for making spicy chilli wedges or giving your pasta a spicy kick. Or try dipping with warm crusty bread for an appetizer with attitude


Garlic - great for frying steak, chicken or fish and for roasting vegetables or potatoes. It's also great as a base for a salad dressing


Lemon - delicious on grilled or fried fish & chicken, as a dipper with balsamic or try drizzling over pasta for a zingy finish


Oregano - a great addition to pizza bases, pasta sauces and drizzled into tomato soup. Or try oregano potato wedges!

    Fused olive oil 4lt tub