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Our Bag-in-Box format replaces our previous 5lt tin. It has a built in tap for easy dispensing. No air gets inside the bag so this format keeps your olive oil fresher for far longer than a tin. 


100% extra virgin olive oil from Cyprus. 100% natural. Harvested in Cyprus October-November 2023.


Delicious drizzled over salad, as a dipper for bread and for everyday roasting baking and frying.


Our olive oil ticks all the right boxes:


  • 100% extra virgin olive oil
  • cold pressed
  • unfiltered
  • handpicked olives


Our olive oil is produced on a family farm in the coastal village of Pervolia, Cyprus using the local ‘Cyprus’ olive. The temperature and warm sea breeze makes this location perfect for olive growing. The olives are handpicked, cold pressed and bottled in the village before the olive oil is sent to the UK to be served at your table.

SEASON 2023-24 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5lt Bag-in-Box

SKU: 5060758980332
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